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UPDATED 2020! How To Get $10k Per Month Of Free Google Advertising


You're in the right place:

▶ If you're a non-profit or ministry leader and you want to reach & impact more people using the Internet.
▶ You desire to build a highly-engaged, global audience who follow your messages.
▶ You desire to effectively connect with the next generation, disengaged, online church "browsers" & the spiritually-lost looking for answers.
▶ You've thought about using your website and social media to increase funding, donations, missions outreach, and online giving. 

Google Ad Grants is a donation program that distributes $10,000 per month in free, in-kind advertising to select 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

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Do Churches Belong On Social Media?

Social media is often spoken of with a negative connotation within churches, and it’s not completely unjustified. There are many detrimental aspects of the way that social media is being used by different individuals and groups. But social media also provides a way for people to instantly get connected to each other and share thoughts and ideas.

People are looking for a way to interact and stay in touch, which is why social media has caught on and spread like wildfire. Did you know that Facebook has 1.73 billion daily active users? With statistics like that, it’s easy to see why being on social media is becoming more and more important to stay relevant. You have to meet people where they are, and right now, they are on social media.

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Increased Productivity Without Increased Stress? Yes, It’s Possible!

How much are you getting done each day? If it's less than you'd like, you're normal. However, the difference between a lackluster ministry and truly inspirational church leadership can come from improving your productivity so that you are always working towards the most important goals of your ministry. The difference comes from how you use each ho...
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The Top Ten Ways To Execute A Follow Up Campaign

You talk with your congregation on Sundays and maybe set up a one-on-one meetings during the week. But what about the rest of the time? Is there a way to know if your message has hit home or if some members of your congregation need extra support? As a pastor, having a follow up strategy is one of the keys to an effective ministry. Follow ups can b...
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Why Your Church’s Website Must Be A Priority

Are you giving your church website the attention that it deserves?  If not, you might be missing out on one of the most powerful ways to connect with people. A church's website is a way to quickly connect with the world. It's often the channel that brings new people into contact with a church's ministry for the first time. However, a website o...
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Why Your Church Needs a Mobile App (Really!)

We live distracted Lives. There are so many different things vying for our attention. As your church tries to be a place of learning, comfort and community, your message can get drowned out. Your church needs to ensure that its message rises above the clamor. You already know that your church needs a website. But did you also know that if your chur...
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You spent all week working on your Sunday sermon, and the congregation loved it. Now what? Is your only option to shelve all your hard work and possibly reuse the sermon after several years? NOT ANY MORE! The Internet has opened up a world of opportunities for getting more mileage out of your sermons! You can continue to connect with the people who...
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Is Digital Marketing Right For Your Church?

There's no question that you are busy. Growing, running and maintaining a thriving congregation takes consistent work, but many pastors are neglecting a critical angle for their efforts- the Digital Realm! It's A Busy World Out There! In a world where smartphones are almost a given, you should endeavor to engage your congregation through mobile app...
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Five Reasons to Use Google Adwords for Your Ministry

Pastors across the world are beginning to learn something important about the internet. It is a fertile field waiting for the right seeds to be planted.

They are growing their churches and expanding their communities with something most of us consider to be just for business: Google AdWords and the Google search engine.

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Easy Steps to Livestream Your Church Services

Do you really need another way to reach your church audience? The answer, of course, is a resounding yes. The modern world is far too interconnected for you to limit your ministry to only the people in your pews, so live steaming your church services is an effective way to reach a broader network.

Whether you are looking to expand your outreach or simply want to reach congregation members remotely, learning how to live stream church services is easier than you think.

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